Of Eurasian origin, the Hosey family benefits from the different cultures and races and the cusine at Langkawi reflects that diversity, traditional eating culture and multi-racial influences of the region; Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Indian, and Nynoa Baba.

Nyonya food, a term less well known in Ireland is also referred to as Straits Chinese food. It is an interesting amalgamation of Chinese and Malay dishes thought to have originated from the Straits of Malaka over 400 years ago. This was the result of intermarriages between Chinese immigrants and local Malays, some of whom like Alex’s family were of Portuguese extraction which produced a unique local culture.

Malaysian food is often described as spicy and flavourful as it utilizes a melting pot of spices and fresh herbs susch as lemongrass, ginger bulbs, coriander, chilli, and kerisik play an important role in Malay cooking as they often enhance the food taste and flavours. Fresh coconut milk is often added with rice as part of the staple diet.

Food served in Langkawi is cooked to order with locally sourced meat, fish, and imported herbs and spices, some directly from Malaysia. No added preservatives are included in any dishes served in Langkawi. Alex learnt many of his recipes and skills from his mother who’s Kebaya (traditional Malaysian wedding outfit) can be seen on display together with a wide range of art some of which is for sale. Alex prides himself on the flavour and authenticity of his cuisine and the friendly welcome which many of his regular guests have grown to appreciate over the years. We hope you enjoy.