Sybak   €9.95 (S,E)

Malaccan tofu and cucumber salad with egg.

Bergedil   €10.75 (G,E)

Spicy lamb meatballs with coriander, chilli & onion.  

Prawn Fritter   €14.50 (G,C,E)

Fried prawns in a chilli & turmeric light batter with a garlic and chilli sauce.

Spare Ribs  €10.75 (G,E,CY)

Pork spare ribs with a fruity sauce.

Rojak Pasembor   €9.45 (SS,P,N,C,E)

Vegetable salad of cucumbers, beansprouts, onions, iceberg lettuce, green chillies and tau foo in a spicy sesame seed sauce. 

Poh Piah Goreng   €9.25 (G)

Vegetable crispy pancake rolls with a fresh ginger and chilli sauce.

Sup Laksa Lemak   €9.25 (C,E)

Nynoa style ‘laksa’ soup of coconut ‘santan’ garnished with chicken, prawns, tau foo, beansprouts, chillies, boiled egg and fresh herbs.

Satay Daging   €10.75 (P)

Flame grilled beef on a skewer, served with a spicy peanut sauce and garnished with cucumber and red onion.

Satay Ayam   €10.75 (P)

Flame grilled chicken pieces on a skewer, served with a spicy peanut sauce and garnished with cucumber and red onion.


Sambal Dishes

Malaysia’s favourite chilli dish. Spicy & fragrant with a slight, sharp, sour tang, resulting from a combination of chillies, belacan, tamarind and mint.

UDANG   €28.95 (C,F,N)

Peeled tiger prawns  with aubergines.

IKAN SUMBAT   €32.00-€39.00 (C,F,N)

Sambal stuffed fried fish wrapped in a banana leaf.

Gulai Dishes

Gulai is Malaysia’s curry like dish, rich, hot, aromatic and spicy, resulting from the use of coconut milk, coriander, cumin, fennel, fresh and dried chillies.

AYAM   €23.95 (N)

Breast of chicken.

KAMBING   €28.95 (N)


SAYUR SAYURAN   €20.95 (N)

Mixed variety of vegetables.

Rendang Dishes

A rich ‘Malay festive’ coconut dish with lemon grass, chillies, galangal, tumeric, roasted coconut and fragrant lime leaves.

AYAM   €23.95 (N)

Breast of chicken.

DAGING LEMBU   €27.50 (N)



Debal Dishes

This spicy ‘devil’s curry’ is a blending of locally produced spices, mustard seeds, chillies & seasoning of Portuguese influence in the region of the city of Malacca.

AYAM   €23.95 (MD)

Breast of chicken.

Masak Kicap Dishes

Ginger, chillies, scallions and soya dish, which reflects the Chinese influence in Malaysia.

IKAN   €32.00 – €39.00 (G,S)

Fried fillets of fish with fresh ginger, scallions and coriander. (Gluten free upon request)

KAMBING ROS   €28.95 (S)

Eurasian pot-roasted Lamb in black pepper and soy.

Classic Combinations

Nasi Goreng Istimewa   €23.95 (C,E,PN)

Malay style chicken and prawn spicy fried rice with egg, satay chicken and fresh julienne of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.

Nasi Lemak Istimewa   €26.95 (C,N,PN,E)

Coconut flavoured rice platter with condiments of sambal prawns, rendang beef, ikan billis, cucumber and boiled egg.


Terung Goreng   €7.95 (C)

Fried aubergines with ‘sambal’ chilli and fresh pineapple.

Kobis Goreng   €7.95 (MD)

White cabbage, fried with dried chillies, curry leaves,onion, mustard seeds, dhall, and coriander leaves.

Sayur Goreng  €7.95 (N)

Fried asian green with garlic and ginger.

Nasi Lemak   €5.25 (PN,E,C)

Coconut flavoured rice garnished with peanuts, cucumber, and egg.

Nasi Putih €3.00

Steamed rice.

Nasi Goreng Telur   €4.25 (E)

Spicy egg fried rice.

Ubi Kentang goreng   €5.25

Homemade chips with coriander and chilli.

Allergens: Gluten=G, Crustaceans=C, Eggs=E, Fish=F, Molluscs=M, Soybeans=S, Peanuts=P, Nuts=N, Milk=MK, Celery= CY, Mustard=MD, Sesame Seeds=SS, Sulphites=SP, Lupin=L

Whilst we do all we can to accommodate our guests with allergies and food intolerances, we are unable to guarantee that our dishes are totally allergen free. Our dishes DO NOT contain taste enhancers or artificial flavourings (MSG). All sauces are home made on the premises and where possible Irish products are used. Our beef is sourced from Ireland and the EU.