Our dishes DO NOT contain taste enhancers or artificial flavourings (MSG).

All sauces are home made on the premises and where possible Irish products are used.

Possible nut content in all dishes.

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About Langkawi

Langkawi Malaysian Restaurant is a family run restaurant by brothers Alexander and Nicholas Hosey from Seremban, N. Sembilan , Malaysia.

Traditional Malaysian fare from various parts of Malaysia and specialities from the Hosey household in Seremban makes up the best part of the menu at Langkawi.

Of Eurasian origin, the Hosey family benefits from the different cultures and races and the cuisine at Langkawi reflects that diversity, traditional eating culture and multi-racial influences of the region; Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Indian and Nynoa Baba.

Terengganu batik clad table cloths, kebaya-clad staff and fine Malaysian art give the restaurant a cosy traditional setting.