Mon – Thurs 6 pm - Close
          Friday 6 pm - 7 pm

2 courses €24.95


Spare Ribs (G,E,CY)

Pork spare ribs with a fruity sauce.

Bergedil (G,E)

Malay style spicy lamb meatballs with a sweet chilli sauce.

Satay Ayam (P)

Flame grilled chicken pieces on a skewer, served with a spicy peanut sauce and garnished with cucumber and red onion.

Poh Piah Goreng (G)

Vegetable crispy pancake rolls with a fresh ginger and chilli sauce.


Devil Ayam* (MD)

Malacca-Portuguese spicy chicken in chilli with ginger and garlic.

Rendang Daging* (N)

A rich ‘Malay festive’ coconut beef curry with lemon grass, chillies, roasted coconut and fragrant lime leaves.

Kambing Ros* (S)

Eurasian pot-roasted Lamb in black pepper and soy.

Nasi Lemak (C,N,PN,E)

Coconut flavoured rice platter with condiments of sambal prawns, rendang chicken, ikan billis, cucumber and boiled egg.

*Served with Steamed rice. Fried rice is an additional €2.50.