2 Course Lunch Special €14.95

Starters €6.95

Satay Daging (P)

Flame grilled beef on a skewer, served with a spicy peanut sauce and garnished with cucumber and red onion.

Bergedil (G,E)

Malay style spicy lamb meatballs with a sweet chilli sauce.

Spare Ribs (G,E,CY)

Pork spare ribs with a fruity sauce.

Rojak Pasembor (SS,P,N,E)

Vegetable salad of cucumbers, beansprouts, onions, iceberg lettuce, green chillies, and tau foo in a spicy sesame seed sauce.

Ayam Goreng (G)

Tumeric and chilli marinated fried chicken with a chilli sauce.


Nasi Goreng Ayam   €9 (E)

Malay style spicy chicken fried rice garnished with a fried egg and fresh cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Gulai Ayam & Nasi Puteh   €12.50 (N)

A South Indian influenced chicken curry with potatoes and tomatoes. Served with steamed rice.

Rendang Daging   €12.95 (N)

A rich ‘Malay festive’ coconut beef curry with lemon grass, chillies, roasted coconut, and fragrant lime leaves. Served with steamed rice.

Sambal Terung & Udang   €12.95 (C,F,N)

A spicy chilli dish of aubergines with prawn, onion, tamarind and belecan. Served with steamed rice.

Laksa Mee Hoon   €12.50 (C, E)

Nyona style ‘laksa’ soup of coconut ‘santan’ and rice noodles, garnished with prawns, chicken, tau foo, beansprouts, chillies with egg and fresh herbs.

Dessert €5.25

Vanilla ice cream drizzled with baileys (MK)

Warm chocolate fudge cake (G,MK)

Sago Melaka – Tapioca pearls with palm sugar and ice cream (MK)


Coffee   €3.25

Espresso   €3.25

Latte   €3.75

Cappuccino   €3.75

Liqueur Coffee   €7.65

Tea/Jasmine Tea/Green Tea   €3.00

Allergens: Gluten=G, Crustaceans=C, Eggs=E, Fish=F, Molluscs=M, Soybeans=S, Peanuts=P, Nuts=N, Milk=MK, Celery= CY, Mustard=MD, Sesame Seeds=SS, Sulphites=SP, Lupin=L