Our dishes DO NOT contain taste enhancers or artificial flavourings (MSG).

All sauces are home made on the premises and where possible Irish products are used.

Possible nut content in all dishes.

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About Our Ingredients

Black Soy Sauce

Containing Molasses and Soy Bean Extract. This sauce is used primarily for flavouring but also to improve the visual appeal of certain dishes. Soybeans contain all the essential amino acids and surpasses most other food plants in the amount of protein that it can deliver to the human system. In this regard, it compares well to meat.

Chilli Paste in Oil

 Contains dried chillies, garlic and shallots, which are slowly simmered in vegetable oil. This chilli paste contributes its fragrant flavour to many Malaysian dishes.

Chilli Powder

Sun Dried Chilli Peppers are slow-roasted in a pan without the use of cooking oil. Constant stirring ensures that all chillies are evenly roasted. They are then blended into fine powder. Although it can be purchased, it is well worth the effort of preparing it for yourself.


Also known as Cilantro, is an essential herb in Malaysian cooking. Both root and leaves are used to flavour a wide range of dishes. The leaves are usually sprinkled on salads, soups and a wide variety of main dishes.

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