Our dishes DO NOT contain taste enhancers or artificial flavourings (MSG).

All sauces are home made on the premises and where possible Irish products are used.

Possible nut content in all dishes.


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Christmas Lunch

2 courses €20.95/3 Courses €25.50

(Starter, Main Course or Starter, Main Course & Dessert)

Choice of Starter

Spare Ribs – Pork spare ribs with a fruity sauce.

Cucuk Masin – Prawn Fritters in a light batter, deep fried and served with a garlic & chilli sauce.

Bergedil – Malay style spicy lamb meatballs with a sweet chilli sauce.

Poh Piah Goreng (Vegetarian) – Vegetable crispy pancake rolls with a fresh ginger and chilli sauce.

Rojak Pasembor (Vegetarian) – Vegetable salad of cucumbers, beansprouts, onions, iceberg lettuce, green chillies and tau foo in a spicy sesame seed sauce.

Choice of main course

Gulai Ayam – A South Indian influenced chicken curry with potatoes and tomatoes.

Rendang Daging – A rich 'Malay festive' coconut beef curry with lemon grass, chillies, roasted coconut and fragrant lime leaves.

Sambal Udang – A spicy chilli prawn dish, cooked with onions, tamarind and belacan.

Kambing Ros - Eurasian pot-roasted fillet neck of Lamb in black pepper and soy.

Kicap Ikan – Fillets of fish with soy and garnished with fresh ginger, scallions and coriander.

Vegetarian Curry – A vegetarian lentil curry with spinach.

All of the above are served with a choice of steamed or spicy fried rice.

Choice of dessert

Traditional Christmas pudding with Brandy Cream.

Sago Melaka – Tapioca rice pudding with palm sugar & ice cream.

Warm chocolate fudge cake.

Banana Fritter with vanilla ice cream.

Coffee €2.75/ Espresso €2.75 / Latte €3.00/ Cappuccino €3.00/ Liqueur Coffee €6.95 / Tea/Jasmine Tea/Green Tea €2.50

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead.